When you reserve a cab or limo, the last thing you need is to worry about getting to your destination on time.  Take a tip from businesspeople all over the Seattle metro area who refuse to take chances when they travel: Miracle Town Car.

Miracle has built its entire business on repeat business.  Many of our corporate and professional clients have been using us for close to a decade.  And many companies will only trust Miracle when it comes to picking up and transporting their VIPs. The reason is that they know Miracle is simply the most reliable choice when it comes to transportation.   

Equally important, Miracle knows that service and comfort are just as important as absolute reliability.  We have access to a network of towncars throughout the Seattle area to meet your needsanywhere you

are or need to go.  Each is selected to meet our high standards, and all our state-of-the-art towncars are meticulously maintained.  And if your needs include a larger or specialty vehicle, we can easily take care of you.

Whether youre calling Miracle for your first time or five hundredth, well take care of you as one of our best customersbecause we want you to keep coming back as well.

Daniel Mery, owner and operator
Miracle Town Car  

Hear what others are saying...

"My travels bring me to many cities in many countries and many times each year I travel to Seattle to work with Microsoft.  On these trips I now always call Daniel and use Miracle Town Car Services.  You will travel far and wide before meeting someone as professional and as honest as Daniel Mery.  I can not recommend Daniels car service high enough.

amonn McGuinness, CEO BrightWork Inc. (Boston, USA and Galway, Ireland)

"I encountered Miracle four years ago on a business trip, with a last minute need to get to the airport in a hurry.  I have been using the company ever since, for business travel, personal travel, and transporting business guests.  They have never missed a pick-up or failed to deliver us on-time.  I trust Miracle to take my family to the airport, and trust them to take business associates because Miracle treats them like family as well.  As far as Im concerned they set the standard in reliability, service and value."

Mark Cerasuolo, Director of Marketing Management Leviton Mfg. Co. (Bothell, WA)

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